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Company Profile

Company T Plus Co.Ltd.
Headquarters 3-3-69 Misaki, Funabashi, Chiba 2740812 Japan
R&D, Fab 3-18-1 Nanatsugidai, Shiroi, Chiba 2701436 Japan.
CEO Toshi Ohi (大井雅俊)
Capital(JPY) 8,800,000
Founded July 11th, 2014
Main Business RF Probing solution
Measurement service (S Parameter / TDR)
EM Simulation service

Company History

1991 Originally startup RF Probe company
1995 Started to sale Manual Probe Station
1997 Expand RF Probe card production line
2006 Started 40GHz RF Probe manufacturing
2009 Started 67GHz RF Probe manufacturing
2013 Started 110GHz RF Probe manufacturing
2014 Started Waveguide Probe manufacturing (up to 325GHz)
2014 Start new company name as T Plus Co. Ltd.


Network Analyzer Agilent 2 port VNA 8722 ES / up to 40Ghz
Agilent 2 port PNA E8361C / up to 67GHz
Agilent 4 port PNA N5227A / OML extend module up to 325GHz
Oscilloscope Agilent 8722ES
Keysight DCA-X86100D + N1055A
Software Keysight EMPro
Keysight PLTS2016
Measurement Microscope Olympus STM7
Sumida TEMS XYZ visual inspection / calculate software
Reliability Sumida TEMS Reliability Exam Machine
Machining Roland 3 axis machining center optimized for PCB
Roland 3 axis machining center optimized for Metal material
Drill Machine -
Milling Machine -


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